Transnet commissions GL Noble Denton software

South Africa-based Transnet has awarded a significant contract to GL Noble Denton to provide its Stoner Pipeline Simulation (SPS) software for use on Transnet’s multi-product pipeline.
The software will be used to deliver in-depth training programmes to Transnet employees who will operate the company’s new 550km multi-product pipeline (NMPP). SPS uses state-of-the-art simulation to allow operators to replicate a variety of scenarios that the pipeline may experience during its lifecycle.
The software will be tailored to Transnet’s individual training requirements and configured to accurately re-create any aspect of the NMPP petroleum pipeline. It will allow the pipeline’s operators to learn to recognise potential technical problems with the pipeline; respond to emergency situations; and develop an understanding of the dynamic operation of the pipeline in a virtual environment.
The system will also provide full training records management for each operator, allowing Transnet to manage its pipeline operation training programmes effortlessly. GL Noble Denton has been contracted to provide the design, engineering, training, testing and commissioning of the software, which will be implemented in time for the start of the pipeline’s operations at the end of this year. The pipeline will transport gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Durban to South Africa’s industrial and business centre, the Gauteng province.
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