Trelleborg’s rotary seals’ catalog updated

Trelleborg’s rotary and shaft seals keep lubricating fluids in while preventing the ingress of mud and water in oscillating or rotating applications. These solutions aim to optimize performance, efficiency and lifetime, demonstrating low friction and resistance to wear. 
To help in selecting the right seal for your application, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has updated its Rotary Seals catalogue. Quickly find relevant information on the whole range of rotary products, from Radial Oil Seals and Cassette Seals to Turcon® seals and Mechanical Face Seals, now also including a variety of new designs and materials. Browse through to discover installation and design instructions, material options and everything else you need to know when making your choice.
The updates for new products are: HP20 Rotary Oil Seal – Improving performance in high torque hydraulic motors; Turcon® Roto L – The first-ever active seal for tire inflating systems, sealing only when required to reduce fuel consumption and increase the lifetime in axle systems; HiSpin® HS40 – Meeting the demanding temperature requirements of e-Mobility and high-speed applications; and HiSpin® PDR RT – Ultra-high-speed sealing for electric drive units.
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