TURBOSMART’s new award-winning anti-lag valve

TURBOSMART’s Anti-Lag Valve (ALV) is designed to bring a typical high-end motorsport application to a wider market for the racing industry. The product has received two separate media awards from different publishers across the world, in addition to Best New Product Award for Performance-Street with the Turbosmart Universal EM-Blow Off Valve.

The anti-lag valve helps maintain turbine speed and eliminates lag on gear changes and deceleration. Boost pressure from the turbo is diverted around the engine on these closed throttle situations and combined with a fuel and ignition strategy (from the ECU) ensuring the turbine speed is maintained and useable boost is on the ready, for when the throttle is opened again.

The all-new addition to the Turbosmart lineup, the fresh air ALS40 features a 40mm valve diameter, a purpose-designed actuator housing, inverted diaphragm and is supplied with multiple fittings for ease of fitment and fabrication.

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