TWTG launches redesigned NEON valve sensor

TWTG has announced the release of its newly redesigned NEON Valve Sensor, marking a pivotal development in how industrial engineers monitor and manage valve activities, ensuring enhanced safety and operational efficiency through cutting-edge IoT connectivity.

The NEON QT Valve Sensor, distinguished by its adaptability, now features an entirely redesigned assembly for universal compatibility with any quarter-turn valve on the market. This innovation, coupled with a user-friendly 45° slotted bracket, enables rapid deployment, allowing for installation in under two minutes without valve operation or the need for calibration. This deployment with zero downtime is particularly suited for valves that cannot be adjusted during installation, such as those in continuous processes.

The NEON Valve Sensors themselves have not changed. Engineered to withstand harsh and hazardous environments, the NEON Valve Sensor has been rigorously tested and certified to operate safely in explosive atmospheres (ATEX zone 1 / IECEx class 1), with a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C. Its design not only ensures safety and practicality by positioning the sensor away from any potential accidental contact but also supports TWTG’s commitment to durability, adaptability, and user convenience.

Valve position monitoring with NEON Valve Sensors enables a more efficient and streamlined operation minimizing Loss of Containment. With the new universal bracket, the valve line-up remains unchanged during installation, ensuring zero-downtime deployment. The newly redesigned NEON Valve Sensor is a testament to TWTG’s dedication to responding to the needs of the industry, reinforcing its role as a leader in industrial IoT solutions.

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