Tyco Flow Control recieves contract

Tyco Flow Control has been awarded a contract for USD 6 million by India-based Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd (ONGC) to supply several High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS). HIPPS’ are designed and applied to protect personnel and infrastructure from dangerous high pressure that can build up in pipelines as a result of a process or machinery malfunction.
The complete product design will integrate Tyco’s ball valves with actuators, controls, transmitters, manifolds and logic solvers. The package will also include an integrated factory acceptance test and safety assessment report. HIPPS bring a plant or equipment into a safe condition on demand.
It is required in cases where a process or machinery malfunction can lead to: hazards for personnel, adverse effect on environment, equipment damage, and considerable economic loss. The completed HIPPS systems will be shipped to Abu Dhabi, UAE, where they will be installed on ONGC’s N-15 and N-16 offshore wellhead platforms. The platforms will then be transported to Mumbai, for installation in early 2012.
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