Tyco supplies Egyptian plant

Tyco Valves & Controls has recently supplied corrosion-resistant actuators and position monitors for a wet scrubbing system on an ammonium nitrate plant in Egypt. Air pollution control systems manufacturer Cardwell Europe Ltd., based in Fleet, Hampshire, is completing the AN Wet Scrubbing System following the original contractor’s going into receivership. The Scrubbing system is designed to remove ammonium nitrate dust from the exhaust gases of the process. This contract includes the replacement of all valve actuators due to corrosion of the aluminium bodies on the units supplied by the original contractor. Some 40 Morin Scotch Yoke type pneumatic actuators will replace the existing actuators, some of which are fitted to large-diameter (up to 1800mm) damper valves, and will be fitted with ZR-Plus Control Position Monitors. The tough and compact ZR-Plus, part of Tyco’s AVID range of position monitoring devices, incorporates a stainless steel solenoid valve which is pre-wired and integrated within the ZR-Plus enclosure. This eliminates the need for costly adapters to mount solenoid valves onto Scotch Yoke type actuators. The AVID position monitoring devices are provided with two electrical conduit entries to allow Cardwell to utilise the existing wiring, which is separate for the limit switch and the solenoid valve.

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