UK: Jacobs receives contract

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA, has announced that a subsidiary company received a contract from the B-A-R Honda Formula One team to design and construct a new aerodynamic wind tunnel at the team’s technical centre in Brackley, Northamptonshire, England. Officials did not disclose the contract value. B-A-R Honda is using the facility to support the aerodynamic development and design of its Formula One racing cars. Using both scale models and full-scale cars, they will routinely test and measure aerodynamic forces, aerodynamic moments, and model surface pressures. This project also has special significance because the facility is employing adaptive sidewalls and an adaptive ceiling in the test section. The tunnel will be completed in time to influence the development of the 2006 car and will be a fundamental element of the design program for the 2007 car.

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