Ultra-high performance comes as standard

Witt presents a completely new generation of gas non-return valves. The company is setting a new standard with previously unattained performance. The compact high-performance valve now enables plant engineers to build smaller and more efficient systems, and cost advantages can be achieved in pipeline construction thanks to smaller nominal diameters. The German manufacturer calls its new series “Ultra”. This designation alone conveys the extraordinary performance characteristics. 
The Witt-engineers have completely redesigned the non-return valve. Inside the extremely compact design lies the secret: an improved valve system with the fully optimised gas flow. This allows more flow for the same size, or in other words, the smaller size still allows the full flow. As a result, the Ultra valve is now smaller and lighter than others and much quieter. The more typical fluttering of the valve at certain flow and pressure conditions is now almost non-existent. In addition to lower noise emissions, this also means less stress on the valve and therefore longer service life. This is a clear cost advantage for the user. The response behaviour is extremely good, typical for Witt, and the pressure drop is minimal due to the very low opening pressure of approx. 4 mbar. Especially for applications in the low-pressure range, the new Ultra is an ideal choice.
Especially in burner systems’ design, compactness and energy efficiency are essential. Witt’s new development meets these demands: small size, low weight, high flow rate, low-pressure drop, quiet operation.
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