UltraCOMP sealing compounds

UltraCOMP(TM) a new series of engineered thermoplastic sealing compounds designed to meet the demands of the semiconductor fabrication and energy, oil and gas industries, are the latest offering from Parker’s Engineered Polymer Systems Division. UltraCOMP compounds are available in virgin polyetheretherketone, carbon fibre-filled, glass-filled and carbon / graphite / PTFE-filled formulations. UltraComp can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees F. The compounds retain their high compressive strength properties in a broad range of chemical media and temperatures. They exhibit excellent wear and abrasion resistance, superior dimensional stability, and have very low extractable measurements in wet fabrication environments. Typical semiconductor applications for UltraCOMP include lapping retainers, anti-extrusion devices, bearings and nozzles. The materials can also be used to form standard and wedged backups, bearings and valve seats for energy, oil and gas industry applications.

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