USA power contract

Auma Actuators Inc. is to supply over 150 electric actuators to control all motor operated valves, and many of the dampers, at a new 500MW Weston power plant. The plant, known as Unit 4, is under construction in Wausau, Wisconsin, by Wisconsin Public Service Corp. When added to three existing units at the Weston site, the location will have a total electric generation capability of 1,010 MW. All of the Auma actuators are equipped with AUMATIC controls and encoders for position and torque sensing enabling plant personnel to set up actuator parameters non-intrusively. The actuators interface with the plant control system via redundant PROFIBUS-DP protocol with V1 services. The actuators will control the flow of water, steam and air up to 3500psi throughout the new unit. The USD 752 million Unit 4 addition will use advanced clean coal technology to burn low sulphur coal in a high-efficiency boiler. Construction, which began October 2004, is scheduled for completion in 2008.

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