V4700 Series submerged solenoid valves from Valcor

The series 4700–Submerged are direct-acting solenoid shutoff valves capable of operating while submerged in aircraft-grade fuels. Flow can be shut off in either direction.

Series 4700-Submerged valves are similar to Valcor’s series 4700 with a modification to the solenoid housing. A fluorosilicone ‘O’ Ring is used to seal off the solenoid area allowing these valves to operate while being completely submerged in fuel. These valves utilise Valcor’s ‘Floating Seal’ principle that features an optically flat seal disc riding against an equally flat seal. Because of this gate-type action, the seat is wiped clean with every valve operation. This wiping action virtually keeps it from being affected by contaminants.

The Series 4700-Submerged valves are primarily used where valves are needed to function while submerged in fuel.

The V4700 submerged solenoid valve is available in normally closed and normally open configurations. It can tolerate temperatures from -65°F to +160°F (Ambient) and -65°F to +140°F (Fluid) and pressures of 0–150PSIG with a proof pressure of 300PSIG and burst pressure of 450PSIG Minimum.

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