VAG introduces KSS hollow-jet discharge valve

With the launch of the new VAG KSS hollow-jet discharge valve, VAG offers a control valve optimised in terms of reliability and operating costs.

The optimised design of the body reduces flow resistance while its fatigue strength remains the same. The reliable sliding system checks vibrations and guarantees smooth running when the valve is opened or closed. The new, durable sealing system reduces operating costs and makes maintenance work easier. As bottom outlet valves, hollow-jet discharge valves are able to precisely control the discharge volume of dams despite high hydraulic loads. Due to the valves’ very large, free cross sections, stones and rubble can pass without damaging the valve. In a number of other applications, the quality and reliability of the hollow-jet discharge valve play a key role, as the failure of such a safety valve can have serious consequences for the surrounding ecosystem and humans. Hollow-jet discharge valves made by VAG are custom-designed and dimensioned for each specific application. They are available as standard types and additionally with venting device and downstream pipe hood up to nominal diameter DN 3000.

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