Valbart DB&B orders

Valbart has been awarded two major orders for the one body double ball double block and bleed valves (DB&B) trunnion mounted ball valves. This type of valve offers a positive double block and bleed features, hence a quadruple barrier to the inline flow with bleeding device used to drain or vent trapped fluid between the two closure elements. In general all the features seen in the side entry TMBV are applicable. The bleed system may be provided with different type of valves (globe, gate, etc.) depending on customer requirements. The std product configuration includes a bleed connection flanged integrally machined on the valve body sized as per API-6D vent & drain requirement. Valbart may supply all in-line double block and bleed compact valves according to every end user specification or special requirement. The range of products supplied includes up to 20in class 1500#; 12in class 2500#.
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