Valcor PTFE valves for chemical compatibility

Valcor’s offering of chemically inert fluid control components utilising PTFE flexible diaphragms or bellows to seal on a PTFE seat include solenoid valves, pressure regulators, pressure relief valves and check valves. These flow devices are designed for utmost chemical compatibility by using isolating construction methods that do not allow contact of the fluid or gas being handled with the valves internal metal operating parts, as well as reducing areas of entrapment. Ideal choices for high purity, corrosive, and viscous fluids, these flow devices provide utmost dependability where ordinary general-purpose ‘wetted’ constructions typically fail.

The SV51, SV81 series light industrial and the SV74, SV75, SV76 instrument class valves are direct acting, diaphragm or bellows isolated construction ‘dry solenoid’ valves. The SV100 is a ‘dri control’ liquid pressure regulator offering fast response to pressure fluctuations. The SV101 is a ‘dri control’ liquid pressure relief valve, employing a unique spring loaded diaphragm that provides bubble tight shutoff and automatically opens when the inlet pressure reaches a manually set point. The SV111T is a spring activated check valve with disc type seating. It has a relatively low, yet realistic rated cracking pressure, resulting in quick response to changes in fluid pressure.

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