Valmet and JK Paper sign a performance agreement

The Valmet delivered PM5 at JK Paper Limited’s Fort Songadh Mill in India started up in August 2021. The start-up was successful, fast and smooth, and good operation close to the guaranteed production levels was achieved right in the beginning.
This machine has been designed for a capacity of 172,000 tpa. Valmet has been supporting us well since the start-up. JK Paper is now looking forward to further optimizing the process conditions and auxiliary systems in terms of energy and capacity which were not part of the Valmet delivery scope, to make the machine as one of the global benchmarks. Given the fact that it is a multi-supplier set-up, Valmet has been relentlessly supporting us in all aspects irrespective of the scope of supplied items,” says P.K. Suri, JK Paper Limited.
The target of the agreement is to utilize in cooperation Valmet’s know-how and expertise to achieve trouble free operations and further improve machine efficiency. The defined KPIs are aimed to be achieved through necessary modifications/upgrades of the auxiliary systems and optimizing process parameters.

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