Valmet launches the the Neles™ XH

Introducing the Neles™ XH Series Trunnion Mounted Metal Seated Ball Valve, boasting ASME Class 600 certification and meticulously crafted to offer advantages throughout its lifecycle.

Engineered for use in safety, high cycle shut-off, and throttling services under high pressure differentials, the Neles XH metal seated ball valve is tailored for a diverse array of industries, including chemical and petrochemical plants, oil and gas refining, power generation, natural gas, hydrocarbons, polymers, catalyst handling, and high-temperature services.

According to Valtteri Koskinen, Senior Product Manager of Flow Control at Valmet, “The Neles XH ball valve enhances reliability and lifecycle, aligning with industry goals of extended maintenance intervals. It adheres to ISO 15848 fugitive emissions standards, ensuring sustainable valve performance.”

Designed to meet the latest product specifications and performance benchmarks, the Neles XH ball valve features a modular design incorporating two large, low-friction trunnion bearings. Additionally, a spring-loaded seat maintains continuous contact with the ball surface, promising optimized performance and durability. Koskinen further notes, “The Neles XH ball valve is anticipated to yield benefits such as enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved safety in our customers’ production processes.”

Now available globally in all sizes and pressure classes, the Neles XH metal-seated ball valve sets a new standard for flow control technology, promising unmatched reliability, superior performance, and widespread availability to drive excellence across industries worldwide.

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