Valmet to deliver central control room simulator

Valmet is set to deliver a comprehensive central control room simulator to Nordic Ren-Gas Oy, a key player in the development of green hydrogen and e-methane solutions in the Nordic region. This advanced system, complemented by the Valmet DNA automation system, aims to validate and test all central control room functions within a simulated and risk-free setting.

The order for this cutting-edge simulator was included in Valmet’s fourth-quarter orders for 2023, with the specific value of the order remaining undisclosed. The objective is to furnish the complete central control room setup and conduct the final acceptance test by the end of 2024.

Aleksi Sipilä, Automation Manager at Nordic Ren-Gas Oy, outlined the project’s objectives, emphasizing the creation of a pilot system to validate the central control room concept and operational strategies across multiple production facilities. Sipilä highlighted the deliberate selection of the Valmet DNA automation system, underscoring the desire to tailor operations to the company’s unique requirements. With the full-scale simulator, Nordic Ren-Gas Oy aims to ensure readiness to deliver optimal services right from the outset, leveraging digitalization to enhance testing and development methods for both technology and personnel.

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