Valsteam ADCA VPA26/2 bottom blowdown valve

Valsteam ADCA begins the year with a bunch of new products, with the first launch being the VPA26/2, the successor to the previous VPA26 bottom blowdown valve.

This intermittent bottom blowdown valve for boilers is available to customers with EN or ANSI flanged connections and manufactured in carbon or stainless steel. The compact diaphragm actuator will be available in pressurized water actuated version as well as the standard pneumatic version, and with optional stainless steel construction.

One of the main features brought by this valve is the clamped-in seats, instead of the traditional screwed-in seat system, allowing complete body disassembly by removal of the bonnet bolts, simplifying maintenance procedures, making them much easier since it requires no special tools nor the removal of the valve from the line.

The valve packing is a completely redesigned spring-loaded PTFE/GR V-Ring unit, which withstands up to 250 °C and requires no retightening during service.

Another important feature is the oscillating plug, improving sealing throughout the valve’s lifetime. Plug and seat are manufactured from hardened steel, reducing wear/tear damage caused by sludges and high-velocity flow.

The VPA26/2 is available in automatic and/or manually operated versions. The manual operated versions can be supplied with a hand lever or a pedal, so it is easily installed in any system, at any height.

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