Valve actuation solutions from Red Dragon

Actuated ball and butterfly valves are required for a diverse range of applications. These can vary widely in specification from simple, compact and light spring return pneumatic actuators on quarter turn ball valves for vent sealing on road transport vessels, to more complex pneumatic systems with several control interlock stages incorporating pilot operated manual reset valves, pressure sensing relays, pneumatic temperature switches, solenoid valves and associated air preparation equipment for a potentially hazardous environment application where ATEX certification, corrosion resistance and system reliability were essential .
Red Dragon’s range of air preparation products, pneumatic and solenoid valves, which are ideal for use with pneumatic actuators, are ATEX and GOST certified and can be specified to operate in ambient temperatures from -60°C to +90°C. In combination with the robust construction and high quality materials, this ensures that our products can perform reliably in all environments.
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