Valve actuator passes muster for Monsanto

Monsanto has tested the Emerson Process Management FieldQ actuator on a demanding application at its Antwerp site, and found it offers advantages over other valve automation packages. Benefits recognised include simplified cabling requirements and a reduction in the number of individual components being ordered, all owing to the self-contained design of the actuator. Monsanto will next employ the diagnostics module of the new intelligent actuator that expands the diagnostics and maintenance savings benefits. “I am impressed with FieldQ”, said Jos Aerts of Monsanto. “The main advantage we have found is that it is easy to work with because everything is self-contained. The solenoid and switchbox are integrated, so all we need do is connect the power supply and air pressure; we do not need to add lots of separate components. Previously we had to obtain position feedback by installing a separate switchbox.
With FieldQ, a sensor on the shaft provides position feedback to the function module and from there to the control system”. Four years in development, the FieldQ actuator is an integrated automation solution capable of addressing both the present and future needs of the end user.
Designed to eliminate the need for separate components to be engineered and purchased, FieldQ consists of a pneumatic actuator, solenoid, switch box and various function modules that can be added according to the customers’ needs. The different function modules also enable the valve to be controlled with analogue or digital communication technologies such as Foundation fieldbus.

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