Valve connection simplifies control

Asco Joucomatic’s new VCS valve connection system connects up to 127 valves (pneumatic, hydraulic, general purpose, water, gas and oil), and up to 254 sensors, to a centralised controller over distances of 2.5km. With its single flat cable and quick connector, the VCS system can be installed in seconds (even on previously installed valves) without tools and without the need for cable stripping and fastening. Each VCS connector is simply clamped, via a vampire-type plug, onto the two-wire profiled VCS cable, establishing automatic connection. This reduces cabling costs and installation time to an absolute minimum. The flexibility of the VCS system means that valves can be added or retrofitted to the VCS control loop at any time. The “brain” of the VCS system is an intelligent interface, which acts as a communication centre for a PLC, a fieldbus and up to 127 VCS connectors. In accordance with the fieldbus system used, the VCS interface is equipped with a corresponding fieldbus module. These modules are available for standard protocols, such as Profibus-DP, Interbus-S and DeviceNet.

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