Valve Manufacturer launches specialty O-ring seals

Total Valve Systems has been manufacturing and repairing industrial valves for nearly four decades. So, they have learned a thing or two about the unique demands placed on the O-rings used in those valves. Now, the engineers at Total Valve have put that hard-won expertise to work developing a line of O-rings and materials designed especially for valve applications. 
“O-rings and other valve seals must withstand extremely harsh environments,” said Jud Smalley, engineering manager at Total Valve, “so the seals need to be made of tough materials that can perform in extreme temperatures while resisting a broad range of chemicals.”
Seals made from thermoset fluorinated elastomers like Kalrez®* (FFKM) and AFLAS®* (FEPM) are exceptionally well suited for severe-service valve applications. But there are two big problems. First, these materials are extremely expensive, and second, there is a worldwide supply shortage.
Total Valve Systems is addressing cost concerns and supply shortages with their line of O-rings made from their own ValvChem™ range of premium fluoroelastomer valve sealing compounds. These compounds meet or exceed the specs of market-leading fluoroelastomers while offering both competitive pricing and immediate availability.
ValvChem™ O-rings are manufactured to exacting standards in the heart of the United States. Two material types–FFKM and FEPM–are available in six specialized formulations.
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