Valve monitoring for Middle Eastern power station

A contract has been received from a valve manufacturer for the supply of more than 180 EExd Control Monitors that are to be used on linear and rotary valves in a new power station in the Middle East. The units are ATEX certified II 2 G EExd IIb T4, have ingress protection to IP677 and conform to the requirements of the low voltage directive. The angled cover design of the compact aluminium enclosure allows quick and easy access to the terminals and spline driven switch cams, which reduces commissioning times. Some units will also be used as terminal boxes for actuator mounted EExm solenoid valves as the certification allows for back EMF protection of the solenoids via an “ultra fast” surge suppression diode that is fitted across the terminals of the Control Monitor. K Controls has held a BASEEFA / EECS Licence that supplements the requirements of ISO 9001 since 1991 and have been an independent manufacturer of valve monitoring and control equipment for more than 15 years.

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