Valve products catalogue

Asco Scientific has produced a new catalogue covering its comprehensive range of specialist miniature solenoid and pneumatic valve products for use in medical, bio-medical and analytical applications. Running to over 80 pages, and including eleven sections, the new medical and analytical catalogue from Asco Scientific describes a range of products designed to provide solutions where standard products are unsuitable. It includes miniature products such as pinch valves for contamination free operation, fluid isolation valves for controlling aggressive fluids, miniature directional control valves, and a series of proportional valves that includes piezo types, with non heating characteristics, to full closed loop versions in port sizes up to G1. Also included in the new catalogue is Asco Scientific’s range of miniature direct acting solenoid valves – described as suitable building blocks for use in bespoke control manifolds of the type used in dentistry, microbiology and chemical analytical systems.

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