Valve transplant restores incinerator

A vacuum separator on a municipal incinerator has been restored to better-than-new state following the fitting of a double-flap gate valve from European Gate Valves. An initial rotary valve installation developed recurring accelerated wear, which rendered the system inoperable approximately every three weeks due to leakage past the valve. Designed for the removal of environmental spillage from the waste processing areas, the vacuum equipment was required to pick-up ash and lime, together with various other powders and fines. Even after extended operation, the EGV double flap gate valve has demonstrated lower leakage rates than even newly installed rotary valves. It provides a combination of performance, strength and durability, where conditions of abrasion, vacuum/pressure and temperatures up to 1000C can be accommodated either singly or collectively. In addition, cost savings were achieved for the operator by simplified maintenance. In the event of any wear, components can be easily replaced through access covers, eliminating the need for full valve replacement, minimising any process down-time and further reducing operating overheads. The EGV double flap gate valves are robustly manufactured to suit a wide range of application requirements.
Bodies can be cast in iron or aluminium as well as fabricated from mild or stainless steels.
High-chrome alloy seats and flaps provide long life even in the most aggressive applications.
A range of actuators can be provided which include: manual, gravity, pneumatic (linear or rotary), together with electric motor (cam or push rod).

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