Valves bound for Russian LNG project

Severn Glocon has been awarded a contract for the world’s largest LNG project, being constructed on Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Okhotsk on the east coast of Russia. Severn Glocon’s order has been received via the company’s office in Japan from the project’s main engineering contractor Chiyotec. Severn Glocon is supplying nearly one hundred control, antisurge and depressurising valves for Trains 1 and 2 of the Sakhalin Phase 2 Project. With a planned output of 9.6Mt a year, this is Russia’s first LNG production plant, which will be operated by Sakhalin Energy Investment Company. Severn Glocon’s order encompasses globe and angle globe valves, pressure rated from Class 300 to Class 1500 in sizes from 2 to 30in. Valve trims range from basic contour versions to high technology MLT (multi-labyrinth) designs for the most demanding pressure-drop applications.
In some cases, antisurge valves have a designed operating time of less than 1s. Materials of construction are mainly stainless steel and low-temperature carbon steel, with some valves specifically designed for cryogenic duties. Built at Severn Glocon’s UK factory in Gloucester, the valves will be packaged with pneumatic actuators and accessories including solenoid valves, air sets, filter regulators and limit switches.

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