Valves for hazardous environments

The new TUV certified (IEC 61508) 327 series of poppet valves, from Asco, satisfies the requirements for the highest levels of operating safety SIL-4/AK-7 in explosive and hazardous environments. The 327 series is intended for high flow applications in oil, gas and chemicals industries, where there is a requirement for large process valves and actuators (especially diaphragm types) to be opened and closed, quickly and safely. The 327 series is manufactured with either stainless steel (AISI 316) or brass bodies, and stainless steel internals, for use on a wide range of fluids including air, inert gas, water and oil. It is designed for pilot applications in hazardous environments: those requiring, high flow, wide pressure ranges and no minimum operating pressure. Also designed for use with the 327 valves is the new Asco (WS)NF/NL family of flameproof operators. All of the new operators are available as both push or pull type solenoids and can be supplied on a wide range of Asco valves including direct acting solenoid and solenoid pilot operated types in 2/2, 3/2 and 5/2 configurations.

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