Valves for urea and methanol

ARCA Regler GmbH (Tönisvorst, Germany) has delivered control valves to a chemical plant in Pakistan, NW of Islamabad. The company produces Formaldehyd, a sort of glue, for the chip industry. The delivered valves, designed to meet increased requirements, are the ECOTROL® valves with ANSI class 150 and 300 RF. Some of the valves are located in the open air, so temperatures had to be kept in mind when selecting the valves. Some of the valves will be used for the flow of uric acid (UREA) and methanol. In the synthesis stage of the production process the flow-directing components, particularly the control valves, are strained through corrosion. The construction of these valves is affected greatly by the high corrosion and pressure exposure. The valves have been delivered completely with all mountings and required tests and approvals according to DIN 3230.

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