Valves provide hermetic separation

Asco Scientific’s new 110 Series miniature fluid isolation valves are designed to control acids and basic fluids and reagents in applications where the fluid must be completely separated from the valve control mechanism. Rated for a minimum of 1 million cycles operating life, the Series 110 valves are designed for equipment such as medical and gas analysers and also biotechnology operations. The 110 Series are direct acting type valves, a design that enables hermetic separation between the fluid and valve parts to prevent contamination, and also ensures reduced heat exchange between the valve coil and fluid. Suitable for both shut-off and fluid diversion tasks, the 110 Series valves are available in both 2/2 normally closed and open versions and also 3/2 universal types. To enable them to resist the corrosive mediums with which they are used, the 110 Series valves have Trogamid bodies and covers: the latter being transparent, enabling the flow of fluid within the valve to be observed. In addition all internal valve parts, excepting the diaphragm poppet, are manufactured from stainless steel.

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