Valvitalia Group appoints CEO

The Board of Directors of Valvitalia Group has appointed engineer Andrea Forzi as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company, replacing Ugo Vinti. Andrea Forzi has a long and extensive experience gained at the helm of international companies operating in the energy sector. The Board of Directors is now composed of Salvatore Ruggeri (Chairman), Massimiliano Ruggeri (Executive Deputy Chairman), Andrea Forzi (Chief Executive Officer), as well as directors Matteo Fanciullacci, Francesco Gianni, Pier Francesco Ragni and Andrea Alghisi.

“I am convinced that, by virtue of his skills, human skills and long experience in the sector, engineer Forzi is the ideal candidate to lead the Valvitalia Group and face the challenges of the global competitive and economic context in the best possible way.” Thus, the Founder and President, Cav. Lav. Salvatore Ruggeri warmly welcomes the new CEO.

To Ugo Vinti, who resigned for personal reasons, goes a heartfelt appreciation for the work completed in the company.

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