Variable speed technology selected for Taiwan sche

SIPOS Aktorik’s specialist variable speed actuators are supporting modernisation of the Hsinta power plant in Taiwan. Originally built in 1994, Taipower’s natural gas-fired combined-cycle scheme is undergoing an upgrade and an initial 60 SIPOS HiMod actuators are being installed to replace early actuation technology.
Representing Taipower’s largest gas-fired investment to date, the 2,420MW combined-cycle installation was designed for peak and intermediate load generation.
The newly installed electric actuators play a key role for valve control, ensuring continuous duty while responding to a variety of operating and load conditions. SIPOS’ high-end, modulating duty version HiMod actuators were selected to support the plant’s modernisation programme, which included conversion to a Siemens DCS. The specialist variable speed functionality of SIPOS’ actuators enhances the efficiency and flexibility of flow control processes at the site.
As a former division of Siemens, SIPOS has long-standing actuation expertise dating back over 100 years and is ideally placed to support Siemens technology.
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