Vexve’s valves support responsible food production

The factory extension of the biggest fish smoking plant in the Nordic countries was completed last year. Vexve’s and Naval’s shut-off and balancing valves are part of the energy-efficient heating and cooling system of food production. 
Kalaneuvos Oy is the biggest fish smoking plant in Nordic countries. Its headquarters and production plants are located in Sastamala, Finland. Last year, Kalaneuvos made a significant investment of EUR 28M, which more than doubled the production facilities of the fish processing plant and at the same time, created about 30 new jobs. It is the goal of Kalaneuvos to significantly increase its business operations in the coming years and to increase its exports to Asia, among others.
Environmental friendliness was a key consideration in the construction of the extension that was completed in 2019. With the plant extension, Kalaneuvos deployed a new industrial central cooling system in which natural ammoniac is used as a refrigerant. The efficiency of the central cooling system is up to a third better than in a decentralized system. Besides, it enables the effective utilization of waste heat created in the cooling process using heat pumps.
The heating and cooling system contractor responsible for the plant extension was Bravida Finland Oy, a company specialized in implementing smart and energy-efficient systems. The engine room is located on the second floor of the extension and it is 67 meters long.
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