Victaulic introduces Series 725 Diverter Valve

Victaulic, the manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, introduces the Series 725 Diverter Valve, the industry’s first grooved-end valve designed specifically for paste backfill lines. The valve improves the efficiency of backfill operations while providing durable, reliable service.

The Series 725 Diverter Valve eliminates the need to reposition fill lines, reducing handling and resulting in more efficient operations. Providing 180-degree service, the valve reduces the need to manually redeploy backfill-piping systems to other areas of the mine, saving time.

With a rugged ductile iron body and a 5D bend profile, the Series 725 ensures smooth, continuous flow and durable, reliable service. An adjustable stop ensures the plug aligns properly with the outlet to improve performance and reduce wear. The valve also features a tamper-resistant lockout and blowout-proof stem design.

The Series 725 is available in a 6” size and withstands pressures of up to 1,000 psi. Designed with a standard ISO 5211 mounting flange, the valve can be provided with a gear operator or electric actuator for remote actuation.

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