VICTREX Cryogenic Polymers meet Shell’s specifications

Victrex has announced that its VICTREX CT™ polymers have met the stringent specifications outlined by Shell for ball valves in cryogenic services.

The latest Material and Equipment Standards and Code (MESC) SPE 77/302 (Valves-General Requirements) and SPE 77/200 (Valves in Low Temperature and Cryogenic Services) by Shell, the global group of energy and petrochemical companies, now include ‘CRYO-PEEK’ as a designated material for cryogenic ball valve applications. VICTREX CT polymers have successfully met these specifications, placing them as a viable alternative to PCTFE for cryogenic ball valve applications.

The updated MESC SPE 77/302 and SPE 77/200 recognize PEEK as a soft seat/insert material for ball valves used in cryogenic conditions as ‘CRYO-PEEK’. This approval expands opportunities for valve manufacturers, offering high-performance PEEK polymers as a reliable solution in cryogenic environments.

Key advantages of VICTREX CT polymers include an extended temperature range from -269°C to higher than +260°C, improved mechanical and thermal properties compared to fluoropolymers such as PCTFE, and confidence of supply from Victrex, which has a regional warehouse network.

The Material and Equipment Standards and Code (MESC) set by Shell is pivotal within the oil and gas industry, serving as a benchmark for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of processing units and facilities. Widely accepted by buyers, these standards represent a key test protocol and a prerequisite for industry acceptance.

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