Voith hydraulic systems for sheet metal

Voith will present innovative hydraulic systems for sheet metal processing machines at Blechexpo 2015, “Saving Energy while Increasing Productivity”, from November 3 to 6 in Stuttgart. The product portfolio of Voith includes punch systems ranging from entry level to high-end machines. With the HDE, a special system for punching, nibbling and forming applications was developed for the high-end segment. Its high dynamic behaviour is based on newly developed valves as well as intelligent hydraulic and electronic control circuits. With a punch stroke of 4mm, the new punch system achieves a cycle time of just around 18ms.

With the help of the new DECV valves (Direct Electronic Copy Valve), control of the HDE is extremely accurate. Direct actuation by servo motor ensures the valve has a very fast and highly precise impulse response. Voith servo pumps uses constant volume flows, servo pumps vary the volume flows. With this capability, hydraulic systems achieve a so far unseen functionality as the servo pumps convert exactly the amount of electrical energy into hydraulic energy that is currently needed by the system. Some or all of the conventional valves are not needed for control purposes. This reduces complexity while increasing reliability and availability.

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