VRX rotary vane actuators

Tolomatic has released the new VRX rotary vane actuators designed for use in material handling, part feeding and clamping, pick and place operations, cutting and many other industrial automation applications requiring rotary motion. VRX actuators are available in bore sizes of 1in, 1.75in and 2.5in. Each model is available with single or double vanes on a corrosion-resistant single- or double-ended shaft. The single-vane models rotate to 280 degrees and produce up to 242in-lbs of torque. The double-vane models rotate to 100 degrees and produce up to 484in-lbs of torque. The VRX series also features self-lubricating Highly Saturated Nitrile seals. In addition, the seals are molded directly onto the oversized vanes and rotor shaft to ensure a tight fit. All models have corrosion-resistant bodies and heads that are anodized to ensure long life and low breakaway. VRX models with double-ended shafts and bores of 1.75in or 2.5in are available with an infinitely adjustable stop option. This mechanism allows users to dial in rotational stops of less than the 100 or 280 degrees of standard rotation.
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