VT 3-way air operated valve

The new Tescom VT 3-way air operated valve, in stainless steel or brass body construction, provides high cycle life with pressure ratings of 10,000psi and 6000psi respectively. With its balanced poppet valve design, the VT minimizes seat wear in high cycle applications and can be actuated with a minimum/maximum range of 80 – 110psi. The bi-directional balanced valve allows for versatility with flow direction and functions as normally closed, normally open and as a two source selector valve. Features include: 1/4in & 3/8in ports; Cv = .75; balanced main valve; optional solenoid valve; 3 way, 2 position; universal operation; leak tight integrity – Class VI shut-off (bubble-tight); and pneumatic & hydraulic applications. The valve is suitable for: component pressure cycle testing; two source selector valves; fill and dump applications (e.g. airbag canister filling, gas spring filling); and emergency shut-off.
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