Wandfluh spool valve for larger volume flows

Wandfluh valve has a small and compact construction volume, which helps control the volume  up to 200 l/min at a pressure of up to 350 bar. Due to its high resolution, high volume flow and low hysteresis, Wandfluh valves are perfectly suitable for demanding tasks. The nominal flow at a pressure drop of 10 bar is 90 l/min and can be sensitively controlled with a variable solenoid current by the pilot valve. Using suitable control electronics, the response behaviour and the hysteresis can be optimally aligned with the application. The pilot operated valve is used where high volume flows have to be controlled. Due to the large flow range and the high stiffness of the actuation as a result of the pilot control, this valve is suitable for applications where fast acceleration and deceleration processes, or high speeds and sensitive motion sequences are required. Applications are found in all sectors where certified explosion protection and a compact and light construction are required.

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