WANTED: 72” control valves!

WANTED: 72” control valves!
Post by On-Line Editor David Sear

I’ve just had a very interesting chat with a gentleman from the Middle East. He contacted me through our website and wondered if Valve World might be able to assist him resolve a sourcing problem.

Now, helping people get in touch with likely valve manufacturers or distributors is a rewarding part of my job. I therefore opened up our database, happy with the knowledge that I was but a click or two away from finding all the details the caller might need.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the direction is enquiry would take.

A globe valve? – No problem!
Fitted with an actuator? – Easily found!
In sizes up to 72 inches? – Oh dear, I believe I have met my match……

You know, I simply could not think of a manufacturer who might have such a monster in their portfolio. But then again, I am but a humble editor, and not a valve expert.

Therefore, I promised the caller I would put out a call for assistance on our website. Here are the precise requirements:

• Required: flow control valve
• Working pressure: 60 bars
• Medium: desalinated water
• Body pattern: globe
• Actuator: piston plus electric override or plunger (axial) plus electric override.

So, there is the challenge. If you know of a suitable source, please do send an e-mail and I will forward all details immediately.



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