Wärtsilä upgrades LNGPac, improves GVU

Wärtsilä introduced an upgraded version of the Wärtsilä LNGPac, a fully integrated fuel gas handling system and improvements to the coveted Wärtsilä Gas Valve Unit (GVU).

Wärtsilä introduced the LNGPac in 2010. This unique system has proven to be a valuable enabler of LNG fuel for marine applications with more than 20 LNGPac systems in operation or under construction. Upgrading the system into a more compact and technically advanced version enhances safety and reliability while reducing the capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX & OPEX). The new system has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance. Furthermore, the compact design and advanced integration of components makes installation at the shipyard faster and easier.

The Wärtsilä GVU is a module located between the LNG storage system and the dual-fuel (DF) engine. It is used to regulate the gas pressure and ensure a safe disconnect of the gas system should that be necessary. By combining the LNGPac and the GVU into a single, fully integrated system, considerable space can be saved and a simple ‘plug and play’ solution will save installation time and costs for the yard.

The upgraded LNGPac system was officially launched during the ONS 2014 conference and exhibition being held in Stavanger, Norway in August.

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