Weatherford Kazakhstan awards CIS

Conductor Installation Services Ltd (CIS), an Acteon company, announced that it has been awarded a USD multi-million contract by Weatherford Kazakhstan to provide conductor-driving services in Kazakhstan. The contract requires CIS to carry out up to eight conductor-driving operations annually on wells offshore in the Caspian Sea for a number of major operators.

CIS will employ powerful 90kj hydraulic hammers to drive the conductors. Two hydraulic hammer spreads, together with drive chasers and drive shoes were delivered to Kazakhstan where they will be based throughout the programme. The first installation operation is scheduled to commence during the next few weeks.
The conductor-driving specialist is supporting the contract from the CIS global headquarters and operations base in Great Yarmouth, England. CIS will carry out the operations with a dedicated team of specialists that will at times be involved in performing two conductor installation operations simultaneously.

The two-year contract, which features two one-year options to renew, represents the first time that CIS will have worked on behalf of Weatherford in Kazakhstan, although the company has been working in the region since 2005. Over time, CIS has successfully completed numerous conductor installation operations around the world for Weatherford International. Currently, CIS is working on behalf of Weatherford in Colombia, Nigeria, Gabon, Brunei, Malaysia and Romania, among others.
CIS is a member of Acteon’s Conductors, Risers and Flowlines group of companies.

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