WellDog launches new DTS solutions

At the SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, WellDog launched its new fibre optic-based Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) installations and services offering as part of its WatchDog business unit, which encompasses a complete range of electrical and fibre optic solutions that monitor fracture/stimulations, production and reservoir conditions.

The product stems from a newly formed partnership with Silixa, one of the industrial leaders in distributed sensing solutions. Silixa’s distributed fibre optic systems, in combination with WellDog’s existing downhole technologies and long established service record, provides high-quality, reliable monitoring solutions in oil and gas wells around the world.

Distributed sensing provides a better understanding of an unconventional reservoir and its production performance. WatchDog provides a suite of fibre optic based permanent and semi-permanent monitoring systems. These systems combine the expertise of WellDog’s system design, installation and support services with Silixa’s distributed fibre optic sensing technology and expertise to ensure safe and reliable permanent downhole monitoring.

The collaboration with WellDog accelerates and further extends the use of Silixa’s distributed fibre optic sensors. Together with WellDog’s existing downhole sensors, a wide range of cost-effective and reliable monitoring services is available to clients.

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