Westlock Controls valve position transmitter EPIC-2

Westlock Controls second-generation intelligent valve position transmitter EPIC-2 provides smart valve communication that enables plant operators to identify current operating conditions and verify ‘valve health’. It also allows plant personnel to carry out predictive maintenance before a failure occurs, keeping service interruptions to a minimum.

Automated valves are often used as critical safety components to protect vital plant infrastructure. They must be occasionally tested to make sure they are functional and maintain the safety integrity level (SIL) rating of the safety instrumented system (SIS). The Digital EPIC-2 enables the plant safety team to carry out partial stroke testing (PST), emergency shutdown (ESD) and full stroke testing (FST) with safety integrity level (SIL) 3.

Westlock’s Digital EPIC-2 provides detailed equipment analytics with information regarding the status and position of the valves. It captures valve performance data to identify if the equipment is operating within the safety configurations and how the valves respond under test. The device notifies the control room via alarm in case of any deviations from the measured parameters. In addition, its solenoid operated valve testing (SOVT) capability reduces the risk of an unplanned shutdown and disruption of the process by allowing plant operators to cycle only the solenoid valve and not the actuator. It de-energizes the SOV and monitors the drop in pressure without causing any valve movement.

The Digital EPIC-2 is easy to use and can be directly integrated with any control system. Its robust technology enables plant operators to perform accurate ESD valve diagnostics and identify valve automation maintenance in advance.

Using Digital EPIC-2, customers can be more prepared for the maintenance and resolve potential issues to prevent further damage to the plant and the environment.

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