When the going gets tough…

Posted by David Sear
I’ve just had a very interesting talk with a seasoned oil and gas professional. For the past twenty years Mr Thomas Viallaneix has worked for Trouvay & Cauvin in both the onshore and offshore arenas throughout North America, the Middle East and Asia.

Obviously, Trouvay & Cauvin are well-known as a stockist and global piping solutions provider of steel pipes, tubes, valves and other equipment used in fluid and gas transmission. Which made Mr Viallaneix’s opening remark all the more extraordinary.

Mr Thomas Viallaneix is GM of Trouvay & Cauvin’s new Project Support Services division

Throughout his career, Mr Viallaneix has seen many such challenges and also come up with innovative ways to help out clients.

Take a recent LNG project, for example, where six-month delivery delays for massive, 144” tees and elbows where causing multiple problems. Firstly, the construction team were of course unable to complete the actual pipework. But a more serious problem was caused by the fact that certain trenches had to be left open, effectively blocking the movement of large equipment on crucial parts of the site.

As a solution, Mr Viallaneix first found Lloyds/ABS approved pressure vessel steel plates and then a qualified fabricator to convert them into the required fittings. The full batch of 150 fittings was manufactured, tested and delivered in under three months, helping to keep the project on track.

This is just one of the examples, Mr Viallaneix was keen to discuss. Others included delivering 40 kilometres of fencing to protect no less than 170,000 tons of piping material. Or how about the provision of a tank, pump and accessories to ensure sufficient potable water for a site team of well over 35,000 people? By using GRP, Trouvay and Cauvin had the system fully operational in just five weeks, which compares very favourably to the normal five months for the classic steel tank.

Given these and other experiences when working in remote, inhospitable areas, Mr Viallaneix and his colleagues recently decided to create a dedicated Project Support Services division. In fact, Mr Viallaneix has been appointed general manager of this new division.

The prompt resolution of “missing” tees helped keep the client’s project on track

Comments Mr Viallaneix: “this division specializes in providing one-stop material, equipment and service packages for engineering and construction projects in the oil & gas, water and power markets. We are able to serve projects in the GCC, Iraq, Afghanistan, Angola, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Uganda and Yemen.”

As Mr Viallaneix said, the response to the news has been very positive, even from companies located in more developed regions. However, it is particularly from projects in remoter, less developed areas that he expects the most interest.

He concluded with yet one more piece of intriguing news: “Creating the project support services division is just the first step. We are pushing ahead with other initiatives and I look forward to calling you soon to explain more.”

So, please do watch this space for further details!

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