Zero-bleed control offers pneumatic actuation

With legislation moving towards lower and lower emissions, both directly from production gas and indirectly from compressed air generation, Bifold have developed the new Pneumatic Intelligent Controller (PICØ).

Bifold’s new control system will transform pneumatic actuation, both in positional control and on/off and ESD valves.

The PICØ will be available with one control logic head, which is then amplified by the Bifold filter booster range from ¼” up to 2”. The patented Bifold filter booster technology allows an equivalent flow rate of larger systems to be achieved by the PICØ.

The PICØ provides positional control capability, and can be used on on/off and ESD actuators because of its true zero leak capability combined with proportional control and high flow.

The Bifold Universal controller, which forms the digital control element of the PICØ, is a fully configurable SMART controller with on screen valve diagnostics, signatures and data capture.

Combined with hazardous area certification the PICØ is compliant to leading industry control standards including GE/Nouvo Pignone, 34-SAMSS-634 ZV etc.

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