Zero-leak safety relief devices

Circor Instrumentation is now offering Circle Seal R5200 Series safety relief valves covering the temperature range -54°C to +204°C clearly CE-marked and fully certified to ensure compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. The PED, which makes stipulations about components and systems under pressure, requires that angle pattern instrumentation type relief devices be checked for compliance. Any unit without a CE mark is not classed as a safety relief device under the legislation and should not be used as such unless it is on an exempt system or application. Features introduced into the R5200 Series include zero-leakage and stainless steel internal construction allowing operating pressure up to 5000 psi, with four springs to cover the entire crack pressure range. Ensuring compliance under all conditions up to Category 4 and the construction of completely safe systems, these devices are 100% seat leakage tested and offered in 316SS and brass with optional factory preset.

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