Zero leakage metal seated severe service ball valves

AMPO POYAM VALVES, a renowned leader in fluid handling solutions, is at the forefront of a significant infrastructure initiative in Maharashtra, India. The project, managed by Lloyds Metals and Energy Limited (LMEL), entails the construction of an 85 km slurry pipeline to transport iron ore concentrate from the Surjagarh iron ore mine to the Konsari steel plant in the Gadchiroli district.

Central to the success of this ambitious endeavor are the 65 metal-seated severe service ball valves, each reaching up to 18″ and 1500 lbs, meticulously designed and manufactured by AMPO POYAM VALVES. These valves form an integral part of the Surjagarh pump station, facilitating the seamless flow of iron ore concentrate through the extensive pipeline network, which includes slurry pumps, tanks, and valves, as well as the Konsari terminal station with additional slurry tanks.

In recognition of the demanding nature of the application, AMPO POYAM VALVES has engineered these specialized valves to ensure zero leakage rates, a critical requirement in severe service environments, particularly prevalent in iron ore projects. Notably, certain AMPO POYAM metal-seated ball valves will feature hydraulic operation, enhancing their performance and reliability in challenging operational conditions.

LMEL’s decision to entrust this complex contract to AMPO POYAM VALVES underscores the company’s extensive knowledge and expertise in severe service valve solutions, both domestically and globally. As a leading provider of highly engineered fluid handling solutions, AMPO POYAM VALVES is renowned for its ability to tailor valve designs and material selections to suit the unique requirements of each application.

With a rich history of delivering reliable and efficient valve solutions across various industries, AMPO POYAM VALVES stands as a trusted partner in critical infrastructure development. As the iron ore pipeline project progresses, stakeholders can rely on AMPO POYAM VALVES to deliver innovative and robust valve solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the transportation process, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing efficiency.

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