ZETRIX is available with butt weld ends

ARI-Armaturen’s metallic sealing, triple offset ZETRIX process valve is now provided with butt weld ends. This valve is an alternative to the double flanged and fully lugged designs.

Zetrix unites all the benefits of a metallic sealing process valve with the advantages of a butterfly design. With its small footprint and reduced weight, this butterfly valve is very easy to handle. The triple offset principle guarantees a permanently tight seal conforming to leakage rate A as per DIN EN 12266-1, because the valve fits precisely and closes without friction. Available in cast or stainless steel, it can optionally be used as an isolation and control valve.

The metallic sealing Zetrix has a triple offset design; in addition to a smart, self-aligning sealing ring, it also provides isolating and control functions. It is tight closing according to DIN EN 12266 (leakage rate A), has a stellited seat, hardened shaft bearings and a blow-out proof stem as standard and can be used as a pipe-end valve on both sides.

Zetrix is typically used in the oil and gas industry, chemicals and petrochemicals, district heating, energy and power plants, etc.

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