ZL INNOVATIONS announce innovative valve technology

ZL INNOVATIONS, creators of the “Zero Leak, Zero Emissions, Zero Maintenance” magnetic circuit-based valve system, introduces the next stage in sustainable magnetic valve technology by ZL Innovations Lead Engineer Ned Davis when he spoke at the Valve World Americas Expo & Conference held in Houston, at the George Brown Convention Center.

ZL Innovations has extended its patented Zero-Leak magnetic valve technology into the ultra-critical Lethal and Severe Services valve market including industrial applications that utilize toxic materials, often at high temperatures and pressures. It is the ultimate test of valve mechanicals and seal integrity because leaks and failures can put the plant, workers, and even communities at risk.

ZL Innovations CTO Ned Davis commented, “We have had several manufacturing partners and customers encourage us to offer a Lethal Services solution, because our sustainable Zero-Leak Valve technology eliminates the stem and stem seal completely – allowing the valve to be welded shut if desired, completely eliminating the potential for leakage. Also, mechanical integrity is assured by using only properly matched component metals.” The prototype valve that will be presented is made from the Monel single-phase alloy, which is particularly resistive to hydrofluoric acid and is employed in alkylation units.

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