A Day in the Life of… Gerhard Loos, SIPOS

At Valve World, we are always curious about the people who make, sell or maintain flow control equipment. Do they spend their days behind a desk or out travelling? Where did they study? What do they enjoy about their work? And of course: what do they do once the office doors have closed at the end of the day? For this very first installment of our new “Day In The Life Of…” feature, SIPOS’ Gerhard Loos kindly kept a diary of a typical day and persuaded colleagues to snap some photos….


Gerhard is pictured arriving back at the company’s manufacturing and administration headquarters in Altdorf, Germany after an overseas visit to an international customer. As Head of After Sales for SIPOS, Gerhard is ‘on the road’ for around 80 days a year.



After reporting back on his visit, Gerhard catches up with colleagues and plans the day ahead. Gerhard values the strong friendships with his co-workers and SIPOS’ partners around the globe which he says are the backbone of the ‘spirit of SIPOS’.



Seen here at his desk with a strong mug of coffee, Gerhard makes time to respond to emails. He has been with SIPOS ever since the company was formed in 1999 from Siemens’ actuator division.



SIPOS is a close knit team with a passion for service – a weekly jour-fixe meeting involves Gerhard with other sales colleagues plus quotations, product management and marketing personnel. Gerhard says that whilst all colleagues take their work very seriously, there’s a great working atmosphere and plenty of laughter.



Gerhard’s day continues with discussions on specific sales and management tasks. Gerhard works closely with the international sales team to ensure that service and support are fully incorporated into the company’s offer at every stage of the product life cycle.



Taking a proactive interest in product issues, Gerhard heads to the production shop floor where he enjoys helping with technical issues. In fact, after leaving school, Gerhard first completed an apprenticeship with Siemens before graduating in Mechanical Engineering and Technical Business Administration.



Gerhard’s afternoon involves a working lunch and training session for international service partners. Gerhard describes himself as being passionate about service but he also loves the challenge and thrill of sales. As a result, he says that the After Sales role is his ideal job.



With friendships at the heart of SIPOS, team sports and social events are frequently organised. Gerhard says he is a bit of an armchair sportsman but he enjoys taking part in the company’s soccer team on Monday evenings and likes badminton, squash and cycling as well.


Would you like to have your typical day profiled in Valve World? All you need to do is jot down what you have been up to and take some snaps (eg on a mobile phone). For more info and to submit your typical day, please contact David Sear


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